Miss Mallory - 3.5" O.D. Post Playgrounds

This playground equipment is available in 3.5" OD value price

911-220 B Value Series - 3.5" O.D.

  • Regular Price: $ 7,547
  • Sale Price: $ 6,792

  • or Call 1-800-828-9690

Product Description

Miss Mallory is a modular play structure with 2 climbers , a straight slide , a triple rail slide and a pyramid roof for shade. It also has as a transfer station, a chain net climber and tic tac toe panel.

This playground equipment is appropriate for ages 2-12, and is also available in 5" OD post playstructure.

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Additional ground events needed to make ADA: 2
  • Total Events: 5
    • Elevated Events: 5
    • Ground Events: 0
  • FOB Factory: St. Louis, MO
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Ships via Truckline
Item No Item Description Size Use Zone Weight Age MSRP Sale Price
911-220 B Miss Mallory 3.5" OD Post 15' x 21' 27' x 33' 1396 lbs. 2-12 $ 7,547 $ 6,792
911-120B Model Mallory 5.0" OD Post 22' x 15' 34' x 27' 1657 lbs. 2-12 $ 8,496 $ 7,646

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