Playground Surfacing and Borders

Playground surfacing and border is very important in playgrounds for safety. Playground borders refers to the perimeter which contains engineered wood fiber, woodcarpet, poured in place rubber surfacing, or loose fill rubber ‘surfacing’ Toddler Safety Belt Seatwithin your playground area. Since it is estimated that 70% of all playground injuries are caused from falls, you must install the correct depth of surfacing for an appropriate fall height depending on the type of playground surface you are using. These days, the height and type of playground ‘border’ will prevent your surfacing from being dispersed by rain, wind, and gravity.

Regarding playground accessibility, your playground border should be ADA compliant with an ADA playground ramp, with the appropriate playground border height to the type of surfacing you choose.

Whether you have a new or existing play area, please contact us to discuss your playground borders and playground surfacing materials.

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