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YOU CAN AND YOU SHOULD PROVIDE RUBBER COATING OVER A HARD SURFACE AS AN ACCESSIBLE ENTRY WAY TO YOUR ADAPTIVE SWINGSET WITH OUR ‘WHEELCHAIR PLATFORM SWINGS’ ! Please review our design for a 19’ by 5’ rubber surfaced concrete area with vacuum formed ‘Playground tiles’ which are glued to a concrete ‘approach’ sidewalk to your accessible swing seat. Most customers cannot afford to apply ‘poured in place’ rubber surfacing to their entire swingset area, or on their playgrounds. Poured-in-place rubber often has a limited life span and eventually falls apart. See some of the success stories of adaptive, accessible swing set projects from customer photos which some of our customers have proudly sent in. Installing your adaptive swing set is a great thing to do and a fun project … and you will offer true freedom for both abled and disabled members of your community!

Choose your own color scheme! Mix and match adaptive seats with infant seats or belt seats. We offer over 100 swing sets, and you can customize them all your own way.

Special Needs , accessible Swingsets are available in one, two , three and four bay models. Or, using ‘swing frame only’ models, you can customize your own ADA swing set !

Choose seats from our selection of ‘Adaptive’ ADA style swing seats, and integrate your swingset from our selection of swing seats from our swing accessories pages to promote and ‘mainstream’ the inclusion of abled children and citizens of all ages , with the disabled community or anyone who has limitations!

You are on the right track and we can help~! Please ask us any and all questions which you may have regarding your swingset project~


Heavy Duty Combination Swing

ADA Combo Swing
8’ high frame; 3 bay.

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-486-BG 3 Bay HD Combo Swing Frame , 2 end bays are 7’ long. Includes (1) re-designed Molded ADA swing BSIS512 ( to replace green ADA seat shown on left, (and can be seen in detail below under ‘ADA swing seat selection’), (1) adult wheelchair swing platform with pull chain attachment on right. The middle 11’ long bay has (1) belt seat plus (1) Jennswing@ (See in further detail in ADA swing selection)
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
32' x 42' 650 lbs. $ 5,307.00 $ 4,511.00



Two Bay Model 581-483 Jennswing

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-483 JENNSWING 2 Bay Heavy Duty Swing Frame , 2 BAYS 7’ long, with Molded ADA JENNSWING swing seat on left, adult wheelchair swing platform (on right)
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
32’ by 32' 575 lbs. $ 2,846.00 $ 2,291.00
2 3/8" OD Rail ‘Pull Chain Attachment
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships UPS. Riders can swing themselves for even more independence.
  25 lbs. $ 220.00 $ 187.00

Heavy Duty Combination Swing - 581-482

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-482 2 Bay Heavy Duty Swing
Frame , 2  BAYS  7’ long, EACH  WITH ONE adult wheelchair swing platform . Pull chain attachments are
optional. (SHOWN ABOVE).
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
32’ by 32' 615 lbs. $ 2,635.00 $ 2,239.00
582-965 2 3/8" OD Rail
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships UPS
  25 lbs. $ 220.00 $ 187.00


Product Description

Accessible swings have been specially designed to accomodate both adult and juvenile wheelcahirs, even motorized wheelchairs. Optional pull chain enables users to enter, propel themselves and exit on their own. The wheelchair platform can be attached to almost any frame.

Standard Entry for adult accessible playground structure is 36'. ADA information line: (800) 872-2253

Wheelchair Accessible Swings

Pictured above : Portable swingset #382-404H , (Includes adult wheelchair swing platform and swingset frame ) Note: This all weather , indoor or outdoor and ‘portable' swingset is free-standing, and does not require concrete. It is best suited for private facilities, homes, hospitals, indoor school areas. It can be moved. For outdoor, and any public access playgrounds, ( city parks , state or federal parks, school playgrounds etc.): we recommend that you choose the 'permanent ‘ model swingset #381-404H.

Wheelchair swing platforms can be locked in place when not in use for safety. Instructional videos of wheelchair accessible swing platforms available online.

Wheelchair Swing with Frame - Adult Platform- To from Hanger
Item No   Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
381-404H Permanent
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
20' x 32' 315 lbs. $ 1,924.00 $ 1,635.00
382-404H Portable
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
20' x 32' 315 lbs. $ 1,926.00 $ 1,637.00



There will be a 20% upcharge of MSRP price (plus pallet fee) if customer chooses to paint entire swingset.

At Bluegrass Playgrounds, Customers can choose the color of their SWING SEATS at no extra charge. Please see our SWING ACCESSORIES (pages 1-4) for seat colors and/or swing seat substitution. If you choose to substitute an infant seat for a belt seat for instance, please specify in your quote request. http://www.bluegrassplaygrounds.com/accessories.htm

381-404H Adult Swing Platform

(Pictured above : Permanent swingset #381-404H (Includes adult wheelchair swing platform and swingset frame )

Easy Rollout

Pictured above is Adult Swing Platform #382-408 . This item has been on the playground market for more than 35 years. The St. Louis factory that designed this swing platform was the very first to manufacture an 'ADA swingset’ in the United States, many years before the ADA (AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT) was passed IN 1990. The factory is still the leader in the worldwide sales of wheelchair accessible swing sets , with a selection of over seventy high quality swingsets for the abled and the dis-abled. ENTRANCE AND EXIT RAMP PROVIDES EASY ROLLOUT !

WHEELCHAIR SWING PLATFORMS (attach to your existing commercial swing set)

Both our adult and juvenile 'wheelchair swing platforms' have restraining chains to hold wheelchair in place. In addition, the front ramp will always be closed after rider has entered the platform, before use. The rear ramp is always in the closed position. Wheelchairs enter only from the front. Your wheelchair should always be in a ‘locked' position once on the platform. Your wheelchair rider will be thrilled at the chance to swing with the other kids. Ask for our You-Tube demonstrations.

Note: The swing platform is designed for an 8’ toprail. If your existing swing set is taller, please give your us your dimensions.
Note: The platform swing platform does NOT include ‘swing hangers’ . If your existing swingset does not have swing hangers, please choose the appropriate swing hangers for your swingset from our ‘Swing Accessories’ page, under the Swingset category.
Note: 'Hard rubber surfacing ’ or any safe, compacted surfacing is an ideal and recommended path as entry to this or any ADA swing seat. This path would connect your public sidewalk.

Item No   Size Weight MSRP Sale Price
Can Ship UPS
FOB: St. Louis, MO
32" W x 38" L
Ships 2 cartoons 48 lbs/123lbs
123 lbs. $ 1,136.00 $ 966.00

The Wheelchair Swing Platforms have a recommended weight capacity of 800 lbs. The adult version will be more likely to accommodate a power chair, but it depends on it’s size.
Please measure your wheelchair to confirm that it will fiit the posted dimensions of the ‘Platform Swings’.

Product Description

Our Swing Platform with Frame is featured for adults or juveniles in portable and permanent models. In the true spirit of providing access for persons of all abilities; we are proud to offer these truly unique products. These accessible swings have been specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs; even motorized wheelchairs! Front ramp allow easy access onto and off of platform. The rear ramp is locked in the upright position. Weight capacity is 800 pounds. Optional pull chain enables users to enter; propel themselves and exit on their own. The adult platform is 32"W x 38” L. Ages: children or adults. Thermoplastic coated platform. Rated top choice by wheelchair professionals.

PULL CHAIN ACCESSORY to 'Wheelchair Swing Platform' for purpose of Self Propulsion

Pull ChainPull Chain

Note: This is a chain attachment with one end connected to the toprail of any ADA swingset , then connects on the other end to the wheelchair platform itself. Chain is plastic covered to prevent pinching. If abled, it allows the rider to swing themselves by simply pulling down on the chain. This helpful device promotes independence! Add this to any of our ADA swingsets. Ships UPS.
Item No Size Weight MSRP Sale Price
582-965 2 3/8" OD Rail
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships UPS
25 lbs. $ 220.00 $ 187.00
582-960 3 1/2" OD Rail
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships UPS
26 lbs. $ 159.00 $ 135.00

Download Childhood Imagination Priceless Swing set Specifications
Download Warranty Certificate

All commercial swing sets come with galvanized steel pipes, self lubrication hangers, 4/0 galvanized welded chain & black cut proof seats.

This item requires a freight quote to your desired destination. Shipping costs are figured directly from the weight of the order and the location of the “ship to” address. For an accurate shipping quote, please contact our sales representative or request for a quotation if you want to purchase this product..

Please call us, 1-800-828-9690, 8 am - 5 pm (CST), or email us via our Get a Quote form to begin the order process.


#1 Best seller ! JennSwing@ Adaptive Molded Swing Seat!

2-bay ADA Swing with JennSwing and Cubby

Dad swings his daughter in a pink Cubby seat while her sister is riding the red JennSwing~
(Children of all abilities love the adaptive swing seats!)


JennSwing@’ Color Selection

Regular Price: $ 505.00
Discounted Price: $ 399.00

or Call 1-800-828-9690
JennSwing@’ Harness #382-413
JennSwing@ Replacement Harness
ITEM # 382-413 (SHIPS UPS)
Price: $ 29.00

JennSwing@ 'Cubby-seat’ Replacement Harness
ITEM # 382-414 (SHIPS UPS)
Price: $ 22.00

or Call 1-800-828-9690

JennSwing@ ADA-Seat

Item Number: Jennswing-ADA-382-411-Seat
  • Item Number: Jennswing-ADA-382-411-Seat
  • Size: 14' x 45' x 11'
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Color Selection:(Ocean BLUE, Jungle GREEN, Banana YELLOW, Fire Engine RED, Bubble Gum PINK)
    (Please specify color choice when ordering)
  • Ships: UPS

14' W x 11' D x 45" total length; 125 lb. capacity; Ships UPS.
FOB Factory: St. Louis, Mo.

Product Description:
The seat is made out of durable, rotational molded polyethylene plastic and will accommodate children up to 125 lbs. The seat is 14” wide x 11” deep. The seat back is 24” high and knee to foot length is 14” long. It is 45” overall and has a 3/16” thickness. The semi-reclined design offers better upper/lower body support. Let rest gives added support and the arm rest provides lateral support. There is a fully adjustable safety harness that securely locks the child into place. The seat should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. Need frame height when ordering.

What's included with your purchase:
(1) Official, JennSwing® Safety Swing Seat in one of the five great colors (Fire Engine Red, Banana Yellow, Jungle Green, Ocean Blue, Bubble Gum Pink) from which you can select from.
(1) Black, full assembled and factory-installed official JennSwing® harness kit. (Other color options will possibly be made available in the near future) Identical replacement harnesses are also currently available as needed.
(1) Pre-assembled, official JennSwing® chain/installation kit.
(1) JennSwing® loose hardware kit - (used to attach the chain kit to the seat, some minimal assembly required)
(1) Official, JennSwing® Safety Swing Seat Information Sheet including Warranty
(Includes ’S’ hooks to attach to your swing hangers)

Your new JennSwing® safety seat will come to you packaged in a plain, brown box (new official JennSwing® labels are in the midst of being designed), accurately measuring (rounded up here to nearest inch for shipping purposes) - 17" x 18" x 47" - and they in turn weigh (average, rounded up for shipping purposes) - 31bs. each.

Check for available our ADA Ramps.

Swing Frame Only

'Swing frame only' models include swing frame and swing hangers only . (They do not include seats, chains, clevis or ’s’ hook connectors). For the purpose of creating your own ‘adaptive, accessible swingset’, go to our swing accessories pages and choose from a selection of belt seats, infant and toddler seats. Mainstream abled with disabled riders! Add to your selection of adaptive and accessible swing seats, and tailor your ADA accessible swingset according to the inclusive needs and size of your community playground.

Heavy Duty Combination Swing

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-486-F 3 Bay Heavy Duty (Swing Frame and Hangers Only) 2 end bays, 7’ long middle bay 11’ long .( 3D image shown above)
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
32' x 42' 400 lbs. $ 1,580.00 $ 1,490.00

Heavy Duty Combination Swing

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-489-F 3 Bay Heavy Duty Swing Frame and Hangers Only (1) end bay, 7’ long, (2) bays 11’ long (3D image shown above)
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
39’ by 47 420 lbs. $ 1,710.00 $ 1,600.00

Heavy Duty Combination Swing

Item No Description Use Zone Weight MSRP Sale Price
581-484-F 2 Bay Heavy Duty Swing Frame and Hangers Only. (1) bay, 7’ long . (1) bay 11’ long ( image above)
FOB: St. Louis, MO
Ships via Truckline
32’ by 36' 480 lbs. $ 1,298.00 $ 1,103.00

Complete your playground with our safety surfacing of woodchips or woodcarpet, rubber mulch nuggets or poured in place surfacing.

Everything we sell is at a discounted price. Just contact us for a quote and we will be here for all your playground needs !!!

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