Recgrass System 81

Our unique, new RecGrass® system  completely eliminates the need for messy loose rubber infill, and allows easy maintenance with a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or water hose to make cleanup a snap. Woodcarpet Recgrass System 81Its real-grass appearance can be substituted anywhere that real grass would be desirable – but the hassles of real grass make it impractical. It comes in two different pile heights: 3?4” which is tightly-woven to provide maximum flexibility & durability and 1.25" which features special root zone technology and soft nylon fibers that give this option a soft feel and natural look.

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Available Woodcarpets

  • Wood Carpet System 1

Product Details

Impact Rating: Rated to 4’ with 1" layer of Recbase (and 2" of gravel base)
Rated to 4' with 1.4" layer of Recbase (no gravel required)
Rated to 6' with 2" layer of Recbase
ADA Compliant: Yes
Sub-base: Packed soil, gravel or asphalt - concrete
Upside: Clean, low maintenance, safe for crawlers, good accessibility
Downside: Can be hot without adequate shade.
Ideal Application: Child care centers