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Outdoor Fitness Courses

Outdoor Fitness Courses are a collection of 9 fitness units or a complete 12 fitness units to offer a challenging course in one area. It varies on which specific units you want to build into your fitness course. Here below are the list of the Fitness Units in each of our Courses:

Complete 12 units fitness Courses include 12 different fitness units such as: Boarding Net, Vault Bar, Pole Climb, Triple Horizontal Bar, Swing Bars, Stall Bar Fence, Horizontal Ladder, Aluminum balance Beam, Parallel Bars, Chain Ring Ladder, Sit Up Station and Pull Slide.

9 station fitness Course includes: Agility Poles, over/under bars, Rope Climb, Curved Balance Beam, Stepping Stones, parallel Climber, Tire Challenge, Ring Climber and “S” Horizontal Ladder.

You can also create your own Outdoor Fitness Course ~!

The other (3) different 9-units Courses have similar units just like: Boarding Net, Vault Bar, Pole Climb, Swing Bars, Stall Bar Fence, Triple Horizontal Bar, Aluminum Balance Beam and Parallel Bars. They only vary with your choice of Jr. Horizontal Ladder, Horizontal Ladder or Challenge Ladder to complete as the 9th unit. Made in the USA to last!

It is an enjoyable and social way that fitness that can be placed in any outdoor settings. These Fitness Stations and Fitness Units can be in installed in public parks, backyards, schools, church, apartments and outdoor community areas of any type.

All the fitness Units and Fitness Stations are made of galvanized steel, or can be painted with your choice of one powder coated color each.

Let’s keep our community physically healthy and active with this Classic fitness Courses!

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