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Playground Border Timbers

We offer two brands of Plastic Playground Border Timbers for your selection.

Please Note: An ‘ADA Accessible Ramp’ can also be added at the same time of border installation, providing access for kids in Wheelchairs, Walkers , or crutches. Providing Wheelchair Accessibility is helpful for both disabled as well as abled children. Ramps are the same width as the timbers and therefore compatable to your area, and are ‘easily installed’.

Each 4’ long Playground Border Timber ships with a ground spike, and is available in 12” , 9”, 8” heights.


Our Playground Plastic Border Timbers have rounded corners and no sharp edges, making them safe for any play area, and unlike treated wood timbers, they will never rot, decay, splinter, or secrete poisonous arsenic like treated wood timbers.


Playground Plastic Border Timbers are the most cost-effective, easy-to-install retaining system in the playground industry. They are constructed of polyethylene and are extremely durable, yet lightweight, and require far less labor than the conventional wood timber. Once installed, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Our 4′ length is easier to work with than 6′ timbers, allows for unlimited varieties of design, and requires only one spike for secure installation.

Note: How to calculate how many funtimbers you will need?

If your playground area length and width dimensions are divisible by the 4’ ‘funtimber length’, then simply divide the amount of your linear feet by 4’. Example: if your rectangular area length is 40’ long by 32’ wide, you will need enough timbers for all four sides: 32’ + 32’ + 40’ + 40’ = (144’ total). Therefore; 144’/4’ = (36) funtimbers, or: (35) funtimbers and (1) funtimber ADA ramp.

If your area is not divisible by 4’, we offer the ‘adjustable end kits’. You can cut a funtimber to a desired length, and insert the adjustable end (like the image below) to customize your required size. It is easier to settle on an area dimension which is divisible by 4’, however if that is not possible, consider the adjustable end kits.

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