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Duraliner – Playground Surfacing

Duraliner – Playground Surfacing

Geotextile Fabric

Size: 5’Wide by 300’ Long

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A drainage system provides a place for the water to drain, prevents subsoil from mixing with the WOODCARPET®, creates a weed barrier, and creates air space allowing the WOODCARPET® to breathe. DURALINER®, a highly engineered drainage fabric, is available for all of our wood chip quotes (upon request).

Duraliner Option (For optional use under wood chips)

Drainage is a very important part of every playground. A good drainage system will increase the life of the surface and will help keep it safe and accessible. Our DURALINER® drain system consists of the following materials:

  • 5ft. x 250 ft. rolls of fabric.
  • Passes fall safety test after 15 years.
  • Tested according to ASTM methods.
  • Helps prevent weed growth
  • 12” of WOODCARPET® rated to 12’ / 8” rated to 8’.
  1. A layer of DURALINER® is installed on top of the subsoil.
  2. Perforated drain pipe is then installed, particularly in the lowest part of the play area, to carry water away from the playground.
  3. 3″ – 5″ (7cm – 13cm) of gravel is spread over the entire area.
  4. A second layer of DURALINER® is installed on top of the gravel.
  5. WOODCARPET® surfacing is installed on top of the DURALINER®.

Required Dimension Information: Please provide the exact length and width (dimensions) of your proposed playground area using ‘standard’ linear footage: (length and width measured in ft.) Plus (depth measured in inches). Example: 40’w by 50’l by 12” deep. Our factory estimators will then convert your measurements to the actual number of (cy) ‘cubic yards’ of woodcarpet needed for your commercial park or school playground project. Please provide this required dimension information, along with your full address and contact information, so that we can then e-mail your delivered ‘Woodcarpet’ quotation.

NOTE: Most delivery trucks carry a maximum of 90 cubic yards. (One truckload contains approximately 90 cubic yards). Therefore our ‘MINIMUM ORDER’ = (45) CUBIC YARDS. (one/half of one truckload). <

NOTE: Please insure that your commercial site has enough ‘truck access’. Public access to your commercial play area is required. Please review photo of delivery truck offloading Woodcarpet as a ‘typical delivery’ example.

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